You are given one opportunity to have A Sacred Delivery

We put thoughtful consideration into ”the name.”  We plan, paint, and purchase for the nursery.  We make appointment after appointment for prenatal care, tour hospitals, and ask friends for opinions.  We HOPE that the medical staff will understand how much we care about our birth experience.  We want to believe that our spouse, partner, mother, or friend will help us to “get through” labor.  The roles may be similar at times, but the training, objectivity, and extensive experience are both critical and distinct.  I assist my clients in surprisingly helpful ways and have a calm and stable presence within the birthing room.  My desire is for you to have the best birth experience possible.  Know that each moment will understandably be filled with fear or fueled with TRUST.  Life-long memories will be created.

One person you can depend on to provide continuous,

non-judgmental support, is your Birth Doula.

There is no guessing as to who will answer the phone when you question whether “this is it,” who will calmly remind you of your goals,  who will quietly encourage you through the waves of pressure, who will thoughtfully inquire as to your options, and who will lovingly labor with you until you are snuggling with your precious newborn.

It has been repeatedly proven that women who have the emotional, physical, and informational support within the birthing room, most often have a better birth experience.  Consider that studies have shown that fathers become more active participants during labor when there is a doula in the birth room.  Understand that birth IS a biological event and not a “planned” medical emergency.  The biology of birth revolves around the ”love hormone,” oxytocin.  Oxytocin is specifically hindered when stress, fear, and anxiety take hold.  As a Doula, I have seen how stress and insecurity can hinder, stall, and even stop the entire birth process!  How can we facilitate the release of this crucial hormone?  Instead of focusing on your comfort and peace, most doctors choose to rely on a synthetic chemical called “pitocin,” and not always with the most safe, or most comfortable results.

Ask yourself, “What can I do NOW to help create an environment that is conducive to letting my oxytocin flow on delivery day?”  Having a trained, experienced, support person by your side, may just be your answer.

The word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek meaning “a woman who serves” and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth; or who provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period.


Studies have shown that when doulas attend birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily.  ~DONA 2005