Placenta Encapsulation

The Postpartum period after each of my first several babies was a struggle. Anemia, hormonal crashes, nursing issues, and zero energy all left me wishing for a more gentle recovery. I had the “birth thing” down to a science, doted on the “perfect” baby, and was able to develop a “rhythm” with my newborn that allowed for adequate sleep for us all. As great as things were, I still struggled. This eventually led me into considering the art of Placenta Encapsulation. The “ew” factor quickly dwindled as I read the extensive list of possible benefits! And so, I tried it. The difference in my Postpartum recovery after I consumed my placenta was NIGHT and DAY compared to the recovery period after my other births. Greater milk supply, increased energy, less baby blues, quicker recovery, and replenished iron were all benefits that I saw first hand!

Placenta Tincture

Placenta Tincture

I have been trained in the “Traditional Chinese Method” of encapsulating human placenta. I take great care in safe and clean preparation, and have been both Servsafe and HACCP trained and tested; relating to proper and safe food handling practices. Don’t settle for less than the very best when choosing your service provider! The bio-availability of the nutrients from the placenta may be a valuable gift to your recovery. I have received so many positive comments from my clients and their medical providers! Capsules & Tincture are included, and if you would like some keepsakes, I can dry the umbilical cord into a heart shape and create a placenta art print, which resembles the gentle shape of a flower or tree.

Violet & Scarlet

Placenta Print from Twins, Violet & Scarlet

Tree of Life