Nashville and Franklin TN Doula Reviews

Dustin RaveCindy was such a professional, showing great care every moment for my sister during the entire process…I was also glad that Cindy was there to help my sister and brother-in-law in dealing with the hospital staff, relieving a lot of the stress on them. I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone wanting to have a great birthing experience!


Cindy was worth her weight in gold to us!
Adam Kissing


This was the exact birth my wife wanted.  After the first nightmare of a birth experience, I can’t thank you enough.


Cindy, You have captured each scene perfectly, bringing life to every event and making me wish I’d had the time to visit all stops on the Arts & Ag Tour.  Will plan accordingly for next year.  Great job!


I’ve never seen anyone use a “rebozo” during labor . . . and that thing really did help that mom out!

—Vanderbilt L&D Nurse

IMG_7437-copyYou are an angel to everyone who gets the pleasure of having you at their birth.

—Julia Coe

Stephanie RaveI wanted to let you know that my hormonal and emotional state this postpartum has been incredibly better than either of my other two births. The only big thing I am doing differently this time is the Placenta Encapsulation.  I’m sleep deprived, doing too much (although resting as much as I can), and yet haven’t had a single teary or blue day yet.  My previous postpartum times were marked by quite a few days where I was crying in the shower just feeling very emotional.  Thank you for doing that for me!  So grateful not to be dealing with ups and downs like before.

Stephanie Tallent, Beeyoutiful

Nicole RaveThese are ALL so beautiful, Cindy Sarlo!  You capture an essence in your photography that is filled with light and joy – they bring tears to my eyes. THANK YOU so very much for all your hard work in documenting this event through your eyes (and lens).  I don’t know how you do it, but you are very special and very talented.

Nicole Lewis, Fondue Vintage

Yes, I needed the tissues!  These pictures are priceless.   I have to say, I am so proud of myself!  God is such a giver of strength.  Thank you so much again for capturing those special moments.  I can’t stop looking at these photos!


I was thrilled to have Cindy Sarlo attend my first birth as my doula. She tirelessly answered my questions and concerns during pregnancy, giving me advice on numerous pitfalls to avoid. She helped me prepare mentally and physically for the transition into motherhood. She was a great physical and emotional support to my husband and me in the week leading up to the birth of our son.  She used that time to stock our kitchen and prepare some food ahead of time, clean, organize, and keep me on a healthy regimen as well as help me to relax.  When the time came, she followed us to the birth center, helped me settle there and timed our methods to induce labor as necessary. When the midwife informed us that we needed to transfer to the hospital due to my water breaking too soon, we were so glad to have Cindy still by our side. She could work with the hospital staff and inform them of our wishes. She helped direct my labor positions and was there to relieve the pain of the contractions naturally with various techniques. She and my husband could then switch off in the hours to follow and sometimes both work to relieve me at once. One of them stayed at my side throughout the night and I don’t know how we would have lasted without our doula.

I gave birth the following day and Cindy’s was the trusted voice I listened for during DSC01948-copythe strenuous pushing. Though she was tired, she kept working and helped us smoothly transfer to the hospital room by gathering our belongings and staying with the baby allowing me to shower and dress and my husband to greet the waiting family. I was glad to have Cindy there to advise me on hospital procedure. I was also thankful we had discussed the options I would face well in advance to make my choices easier during this stressful time. She not only attended to the baby’s needs, but to my recovery as well, making sure I had ample nourishment and water to break the fever that followed the birth and fight any infections. She had to return home the next day, but her invaluable assistance did not end there.  In the days and weeks to follow, she was available to counsel me over the phone, directing me towards useful herbs or vitamins to ensure both a healthy Mommy and Baby. She also quickly helped me to identify danger signs regarding plugged milk ducts early on and gave me tips to combat it to avoid the dreaded Mastitis. I still enjoy her support as a postpartum doula and lactation consultant nearly 2 months after the birth and cannot begin to assess her value to us during such a momentous time in our lives. Mommy and Baby are happy and healthy and that’s what birth doulas are all about! Thank you, Cindy Sarlo, from all of us!

—Darla Spradlin