Birth Doula

As a Birth Doula, I accompany women through labor, helping to facilitate a positive birth experience. Drawing on my personal experience, training, and study, I provide well-rounded and continuous support. To avoid a conflict of interest, I am independent and self-employed, working directly for my clients and their families.

We begin with a free consultation at your location of choice. I am interested in hearing your vision for the upcoming birth, and in understanding how you feel you would best be served by a Doula. Every consultation is unique, as we discuss this most sensitive and sacred transition. Bring your questions and concerns . . . I trust you will take away something positive to add to your birth experience!

After the time of signing and receipt of deposit, I will meet with you for one or two prenatal meetings where we can discuss your birthing preferences, prepare and review your birth plan, and/or practice positions and relaxation techniques. I will provide unlimited phone, text, and email contact throughout your pregnancy, and will be on call for you from week 38 of your pregnancy until birth. I will have phone contact with you during early labor and will join you at your birth location of choice. As your doula, I will provide non-judgmental physical comfort, emotional support, and informational input. I may help your partner by offering suggestions when appropriate, and offer information, assistance, and reassurance as needed, but will not overpower the relationships that have priority within the birth room. I offer instruction and assistance with Labor Support Tools & Comfort Techniques including: Guided Breathing, Meditation, Enhanced Relaxation, Birth Balls, Birthing Chairs, the Rebozo (Mexican Shawl used by traditional Midwives for centuries), TENS Unit (soothing electrical stimulation for pain control–often used by hospitals in Physical Therapy), Essential Oils, Massage, Hot/Cold Therapy, and many others.

Following the birth, I will support your efforts to establish breastfeeding and help as requested. I will then be available by phone and email to answer questions, and share appropriate resources and referrals. A postpartum visit is also offered as a follow-up to reflect on your birth experience, answer concerns, and offer breastfeeding support.

Financial & Insurance

A signed agreement and deposit of $300 secures your spot on my on-call calendar for Doula Services, Birth Photography & Fresh 48 Sessions. Any balance would be due at 36 weeks gestation. Discounts are available when you choose multiple services. If finances are a concern, inquire about my referral-based discounts and extended payment plans. Bartering agreements are also available for up to 2/3 of requested services. If you have insurance, you may possibly be reimbursed for Doula services and Childbirth Education. Studies show that having the presence of an experienced Doula can help to avoid unnecessary interventions. This could save both you and your insurance provider thousands of dollars. I provide a detailed invoice with the required codes to submit to your insurance provider after the birth.

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